Steps To
Building A House

From Start to Finish

1 Customer Initial Contact

The start of an excellent, transparent process!

  • Building expectations

    We‘ll establish your needs and wants for your custom home and set plans in motion.

  • Time frame

    We’ll estimate how long it will take to complete your home.

  • Budget

    We’ll assess the cost to build your home.

  • Pick plan

    During our meeting, we’ll establish a plan for building your home.

  • Key finishes

    We’ll smooth out your plan and - with your input - add finishing touches.

  • Must haves

    We’ll select the items and aspects integral to your home happiness.

  • Home key features

    We’ll choose what is necessary for your home. You’ll tell us what you want and what is needed for your home.

2 Proposal Returned to Customer

We'll provide you with the initial plan for bringing your home to life.

  • Present estimate items

    We'll show you everything needed to build your home.

  • Present specific options with pricing

  • Present overall proposal

    We'll show you the big picture of building your home.

  • Identify and explain allowances

    We'll let you know what is included in your allowance and where overages could be possible.

  • Explain change order process

    If you change your mind on certain items, we'll walk you through the process of changing your order.

3 Proposal Estimate Items, Options Signed

This is where you look over and finalize the pricing of your new home.

  • You approve all options and proposal

  • Signatures on proposal document

  • Signatures on options selected

  • Initials on Estimate Items

    We’ll gather the proper sign-off for estimated items.

  • $5000 deposit is collected

    We’ll collect the $5000 deposit - everything is final. The $5,000 deposit is for land if you’re purchasing a lot from Eagle Creek Homes, or a $5,000 deposit for construction if we are building on your lot.

  • Signature on lot reservation (if applicable)

    We’ll get sign-off on land/site of construction.

  • Signature on estimated architect fees (design agreement if applicable)

    We’ll get sign-off on approving architect costs.

4 Contract Signed

This is where the details of your build are evaluated and approved.

  • Signatures on actual build contract

    We’ll compile proposals, options selected, and lot cost and provide you with a building contract.

  • Draw cycle discussed and shown

    We’ll show you when we will draw money from the bank.

5 Start Banking Process

  • Past two years’ w-2s if you are employed

  • Past two years tax returns with your 1040 and all schedules if you are self-employed

  • Verification of employment form completed by your employer to verify your employment dates and current status

  • Letter on the letterhead of a professional, certified CPA, Tax prep

  • Pay stub with 30 days of income

  • Bank statements for the past two months for self-employment

  • Bank statements to show proof of down payment

  • A final copy of the building plans

  • Budget category

  • List of prepaid items

  • Contract detailing construction specifics

  • Copy of plat survey

    We’ll provide you with a survey of your home on the site.

  • Proof of lot ownership

    Lot ownership proof will be provided to you by Eagle Creek Homes if it was our lot. Otherwise, you’ll provide proof if you own the land.

6 Invite to Builder Trend

Builder Trend is the website where you’ll locate the transparency of your build.

  • Email set up

    We’ll set up your account on Builder Trend.

  • Intro to your personal design consultant

    We’ll introduce you to the professional who will consult with you during the design process

  • Set the date for selection meeting

    We’ll help you select a time that you’re comfortable setting to select items.

7 Design Meeting 1

Now for the fun stuff! Customize your own home and make it yours.

  • Exterior selections

    Select the exterior products that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

  • Garage door

    Pick the garage door perfect for your home.

  • Front door and hardware

    Choose the front door perfect for your home.

  • Interior doors and hardware

    Select the interior doors perfect for your home.

  • Cabinet layouts

    Pick the cabinet layout perfect for your lifestyle.

  • Custom details

    Choose the custom details perfect for your home.

8 Design Meeting 2

Making it yours, cont.

  • Flooring

    Select the perfect flooring for your home.

  • Cabinetry

    Pick the perfect cabinetry for your home.

  • Counters

    Choose the perfect counters for your home.

  • Plumbing fixtures

    Select the perfect plumbing fixtures for your home.

  • Sinks

    Pick the perfect sinks for your home.

  • Backsplashes

    Choose the perfect backsplashes for your kitchen.

  • Tile shower details

    Select the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

  • Paint

    Pick the perfect colors to paint your home.

9 Options Finalized

Finalize the visions for your home.

  • Receive final pricing

    We’ll revise the pricing of the contract if you changed your options throughout the building process.

  • Final pricing for items not in contract

    We’ll provide pricing for items outside the contract.

  • Finalized change order/upgrade costs

    We’ll adjust the price according to the final plan.

10 Permit Process Started

Eagle Creek will get all of the permits needed that will keep your build on track.

  • Survey/ lot stake

    We’ll ensure you can build on the land selected.

  • Foundation survey

    We’ll ensure the foundation is cleared to build on.

  • Building

    We’ll ensure we can build your home to your exact specifications.

  • Water hook up

    We’ll ensure your home will have a water source.

  • Septic

    We’ll ensure your home will have a septic system.

  • Electric hook up

    We’ll ensure your home will have electricity.

  • Gas hook up

    We'll ensure your home will have gas power.

  • Driveway

    We’ll ensure your home will have a place to park your vehicles.

  • Soil and erosion

    We’ll ensure there are no issues with poor soil or erosion.

  • Irrigation

    We’ll make sure your land can be properly irrigated.

  • Well

    We’ll ensure that your home has access to clean water.

11 Pre-Construction Meeting

A conversation before your dream home starts.

  • Meet your project manager

    You'll meet the professional in charge of running your home building project.

  • Review estimate items updated with selections

    You’ll go over your building plan again and adjust as needed.

  • Review all details of the plan

    You’ll go over your plan again and make sure your build matches what we have.

  • Sign off on the finalized plan

    We’ll add you final approval on all plans.

  • Sign off on home lot survey

    You’ll approve the home lot survey.

  • Review all selections

    You’ll make sure your perfect selections are in the plan and approve them all.

  • Find your specific date

    We’ll provide you with the day that the construction of your dream home begins.

12 Foundation Dig

Here's where your dream home begins!

  • Lot stripped of topsoil

  • Home staked according to survey

    We’ll lay out the building perimeters of your home.

  • Excavator digs for footings and foundation

    A professional will dig the foundation of your home.

  • This is the start of your construction process

    This is square one of your Eagle Creek home coming to life!

  • Foundation is the base for all building

    A solid foundation may be the most important part of your build.

13 Framing Starts

The shell of your home comes to life.

  • Shell of home

    We’ll begin to build the outside/exterior of your home.

  • Sub-floor is laid

    We’ll lay the foundation for your home’s flooring.

  • Stairs installed

    We’ll put in the staircases in your home.

  • Exterior sheathing

    We’ll install the exterior sheathing of your home.

  • Trusses are set

    We'll set the trusses of your home.

  • Roof sheathing

    We’ll install your roof sheathing.

  • House wrap

    We’ll install your home’s wrap to protect your home from water coming in.

14 Pre-Drywall Orientation

A check-up to make sure your home is on the right path.

  • Project manager meet-up

    Your project manager will meet you on-site to inform you of how things are going.

  • Electric walk-through

    The project manager will walk you through electrical lights, plugs, and switch locations.

  • Plumbing

    The project manager will show you plumbing locations.

  • HVAC

    The project manager will show you HVAC locations.

  • Drywall

    The project manager will show you all the items behind your drywall.

15 Electrical Fixtures

Making sure your home has light.

  • Delivery

    You’ll be responsible for delivering electrical fixtures you purchase per allowance.

  • List

    Designers will provide you with fixtures you need to buy.

  • Allowance

    We’ll pay your fixture allowance after installation according to the contract.

  • Where to store

    Fixtures are stored under basement stairs.

  • Fixture check

    Be sure to check all fixtures when you purchase them to make sure they’re not damaged and have all parts for installation. Don’t worry, we’ll check this as well.

  • Fixture labels

    You’ll label the fixtures with what room they’ll be installed.

16 Appliance Delivery

Find and deliver what makes your home tick.

  • Installation included

    You’ll make sure purchases include appliance installation with all appliances. EAGLE CREEK WILL ONLY INSTALL THE DISHWASHER.

  • Appliance defects

    You’ll check to make sure appliances have no damage ahead of installation.

  • Appliance delivery

    You’ll deliver appliances to your home’s garage.

  • Appliance dates/times

17 Customer Walk of Home

Come and see your dreams coming true.

  • Start walk

    You’ll walk your home with your salesperson and warranty/service manager.

  • Punch list

    You’ll create a punch list of items that don’t meet your satisfaction.

  • How your home works

    A warranty/service manager will instruct you on how your home works.

  • Questions

    You’ll be able to ask any questions about your new home.


Welcome home!

  • Punch list sign-off.

    You’ll sign-off and confirm that all items on the punch list are now meeting your satisfaction.

  • Payments

    We’ll ensure that all payments are paid at this point.

  • Certificate of Occupancy/Keys

    We’ll make sure you have the certificate of occupancy and keys to your new home. Welcome!

19 30 Day Walk

Inspect and fix if needed.

  • Drywall

    We’ll inspect for drywall issues like exposed seams and major cracks.

  • Doors

    We’ll check to see if all doors are functioning properly.

  • Windows

    We’ll check to see if all windows are properly functioning.

  • Flooring

    We’ll check for problems with your flooring such as trip hazards and squeaks.

  • Backsplash

    We’ll check for issues with backsplash like cracked grout or caulk.

  • Grade issues

    We’ll check for potential problems like standing water or leak problems.

  • Shingles

    We’ll check for loose or missing shingles.

  • Siding

    We’ll check for loose or damaged siding.

  • Trim

    We’ll inspect for loose trim on your home.

  • GFI Plugs

    We’ll check to see if GFI plugs are working properly.

20 11 Month Walk

Inspect and fix if needed, cont.

  • Drywall

    We’ll inspect drywall for flaws.

  • Paint

    We’ll provide paint touch-ups if needed.

  • Doors

    We’ll check to make sure doors are properly functioning.

  • Windows

    We’ll check to make sure windows are functioning properly.

  • Floors

    We’ll ensure floors are in tip-top shape.

  • Backsplash

    We’ll make sure that your backsplash is up to par.

  • Gas hook up

    We'll ensure gas power is working.

  • Driveway

    We’ll ensure your driveway is functional.

  • Soil and erosion

    We’ll ensure there are no issues with poor soil or erosion.

  • Irrigation

    We’ll make sure your land is properly irrigated.

  • Well

    We’ll ensure that your well water system is working.