8 Custom Home Ideas Every Parent Will Love

2023 April 3

So you’ve decided to build a custom home for your family. Now what?

It’s time to pick out your custom home features! Some might consider this the most fun aspect of designing a home, but we won’t sugarcoat it — there are many decisions to make, and sometimes it can seem a bit intimidating.

No need to stress though. Our team will guide you through the entire design process so you can move into the home of your dreams. This is your opportunity to add features that make the house more accommodating for your family and make your life easier as a parent!

Ideas to Feature in Your Custom Home

1. Mudroom

We consider this first one a no-brainer. Imagine having a designated room that provides the kids an area to kick off their boots and store their things for school and extracurriculars! That’s what a mudroom is for.

No more muddy entrances and no more stray clothing scattered around the house. Mudrooms streamline your cleaning routine and make the rest of the house cleaner. We suggest adding one when it’s time to select your custom features!

2. Upstairs Laundry Room

Most houses put bedrooms and private quarters on the second floor and keep laundry either on the main floor or in the basement. Why is this common practice? We’re not sure. Frankly, we think we could do better.

If you put laundry on the second floor alongside the bedrooms, suddenly the game changes. You won’t have to trudge up and down the stairs while trying to get laundry done — everything is just a short reach away. It also provides another level of privacy since the washer and dryer will be hidden from guests when they visit your home.

3. Open Floor Plan

Next, consider your floor plan. An intentional floor plan can completely change the dynamic of your home. Some floor plans can even ease your parental responsibilities! For example, some floor plans might make it easier to supervise your kids in different rooms. It would also be nice to have a large gathering space to connect over dinner or homework time in the evenings!

For more details on selecting the perfect floor plan for your home, read our blog on the topic.

Custom Home Features For Parents

4. Home Office

Working from home has become so commonplace that we’re asked to include home offices in many of our customer’s homes!

A home office is beneficial for many reasons. Primarily, it offers a quiet space for the adults to focus and work, even if the kids are home. Additionally, an office helps to separate work life and  personal life. You’ll appreciate having a space designated for work while being able to enjoy the rest of your home off duty.

5. Walk-In Pantry

Kitchens can be one of the craziest, busiest rooms in the house. Imagine cutting down on that chaos with additional space for food storage!

Walk-in pantries are super convenient. You won’t have to take up cabinet space with food, plus you’ll have more room to stock up on snacks for kids and take fewer trips to the store! This is just another example of how a feature of your home can positively benefit your lifestyle.

6. Kids Playroom

Rather than having to navigate a living room scattered with Lego bricks, wouldn’t it be nice to have a centralized area for your kids to keep all their toys?

A kid’s playroom could make your life easier in so many ways. It keep toys and traffic out of the way and makes cleaning after playtime a breeze.

And as your kids get older, they can change the purpose of the room over time. A designated study space? Perfect! An extra bedroom for when they move out? Awesome.

7. Built-In Storage

You can never complain about having more storage. More storage means more free space in other parts of the house and an easier time clearing out old thing you no longer need. This is as a win-win scenario parents and families love.

8. Quartz Countertops

Finally, we’ve got a feature that you might not have expected — these quartz countertops could add a lot of value to your home in unexpected ways!

First off, they look great and they’re also super durable. They’re chip resistant and don’t stain, which makes them perfect for parents concerned about kids ruining their countertops. Who doesn’t want a stress-free home?

For more guidance on picking a great countertop, read our blog here.

Building a Custom Home with Eagle Creek Homes

With all of these awesome options at your disposal, your family can easily move into the perfect home designed for their needs! Our team is looking forward to walking you through the custom home-building process and helping you pick the features that suit your family’s lifestyle.

Let’s get in touch to discuss your home’s custom features!

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