Looking To Build A Home In Michigan? Everything You Need To Know

2023 April 21

Any move is guaranteed to have some level of stress. There are choices to make, budgets to manage, and many other moving parts that can weigh on your mind during the project. Fortunately, you have a partner at your disposal who can help navigate all of this stress when you choose to build a home in West Michigan — that’s us.

It’s a great state to live in for many reasons. Between the cost of living, housing benefits, and every other aspect of Michigan life, we know you’ll be happy when you have a home here. So if you’re ready to kick-start your Michigan custom home, read on for everything you need to know!

Cost To Build A Home In Michigan

There are many factors that all play into the potential cost of your home in West Michigan.

Location, for starters. There are a variety of locations in Michigan suitable for you. At Eagle Creek specifically, we have premiere neighborhoods in Rockford, Byron Center, Kentwood, Caledonia, and more. Proximity to schools, shopping centers, and other family-oriented neighborhoods will all impact the cost when it’s time to make your pick.

The size and features of your house will also play a role in your budget planning. The bigger the house, the more likely you are to pay for the additional space. Michigan laws, in some cases, entail cost requirements when properties are amended or added to.

Looking to estimate new home construction costs in Michigan? Learn more from Eagle Creek Homes.

Where to Build a Home in Michigan

When it’s time to dig into the details of your move, we encourage you to consider every angle! There are so many things to consider when narrowing in on the location of your dream home.

Take a look at our neighborhoods and do a little research. Our neighborhoods are all located within primary West Michigan townships but might offer different benefits from one another. For instance, each neighborhood might have varying proximity to local safety departments, school systems, and other activities and community resources. The best plan of attack is to make a list of your personal preferences, then compare and contrast the available neighborhoods! No matter what, we know you’ll pick a good one.

building a home in Michigan

Timeline To Build A Home In Michigan

The next thing you might be wondering is: if I start a custom home project now, how long will it take before I’m ready to move in?

Great question. The truth is, every custom home project varies, but each one follows our same trusted procedure. This procedure is designed to build your home as swiftly as possible, while also demanding the space necessary to achieve optimum quality and allow for customer collaboration at every step.

The Proposal Return phase (step #2 in our process) is when we will provide a timeline estimate of when your home will be move-in ready. While this timeline will inevitably experience some push and pull due to parts availability, weather, and other variables, our team can reliably build a beautiful home while meeting your time and budget.

Picking a Home Builder in Michigan

Finally, once you’ve picked the general location of your dream home, it’ll be time to lock in the home builder who can bring your dream to life.

Compile a list of possible builders who you could work with, and be sure to note each of their styles and processes. Each of these things will help you decide which builder is best for your situation. Additionally, it’s also great if you’re able to learn from other customers’ experiences through online reviews, or even possibly establish a relationship with your potential project manager to get an idea of what your working relationship could be like. It’s important to know that your home builder will not only get the job done right and on time but that they’ll be pleasant to work with and actively try to make your experience as great as it can be.

For more guidance on finding the right home builder, be sure to read our blog on the topic.

A West Michigan Home Builder You Can Trust

It’s already a challenge to find a decent home builder in a state that you’re unfamiliar with and don’t know very much about, so let us lighten the load. At Eagle Creek Homes, we work every day to provide a transparent building process, ongoing communication, and quality custom homes as trusted partners to our community.

If you’re thinking about building a custom home in West Michigan, remember that we will cover a portion of your cost of moving! To learn more about this offer, or to get started on your move, please get in touch with our team!

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