Is Now a Good Time To Build A Custom Home?

2023 December 28

Building A Home in 2023  

The prospect of building a custom home is a dream come true for many families. Being able to design your ideal living space from the ground up is undeniably appealing, and it can be an incredibly rewarding process. However, fluctuating costs and the unpredictable nature of the current market can pose a daunting question: Is 2023 the right year to lay the first brick of your new home?


This guide takes a deep dive into the current state of the home construction market. We’ll explore factors like material and labor costs, supply chain issues, and more to help you evaluate whether 2023 — or possibly 2024? — is the ideal time to break ground on your dream home. With insight into market conditions and expert tips, you’ll be equipped to make the building decision that aligns with your family’s needs and financial goals.


Building a home is a major investment, emotionally and financially. While there are always unknowns, being informed on the latest trends can empower you to move forward with confidence. Let’s take a look at what it means to build in today’s unique market environment.

Realizing Your Vision with a Custom Home  

Designing your custom home entails more than just walls and roofs; it’s about crafting a space that encapsulates the essence of your family, from personal comforts to daily functionalities.


One of the major benefits of a custom build is the sheer number of possibilities it affords you. From sunlit reading nooks to a spacious living room, an efficient home office, or a secluded retreat for your hobbies, a custom home allows you to craft spaces that align with your aspirations.


Beyond the walls of your home, customization amplifies your connection with the environment. Pick that perfect spot, ensuring your home harnesses natural light, offers a captivating view or two, and complements the surrounding topography. Dream additions, be it a pool, a workshop, or a summer-ready outdoor kitchen, can also be woven in, reflecting your way of life.


However, turning these dreams into reality at the right time is crucial. It means navigating construction costs and schedules to strike a balance between your vision and your budget.


Cost Factors to Consider when Building Your Home in 2023 

Building your dream home in 2023? The journey is thrilling, but the price tag can vary significantly based on numerous determinants. Here’s what can influence your budget:

  1. Home Size: Naturally, larger homes come with bigger price tags. Depending on design complexity and regional factors, the cost per square foot may swing anywhere from $100 to beyond $200.
  2. Materials: Quality does matter. While opting for premium materials like granite countertops or lustrous hardwood floors might escalate the cost, they enhance the home’s elegance and durability.
  3. Labor: The contemporary labor market has seen shortages, driving up hourly rates for construction crews. It’s an essential aspect to consider when budgeting.
  4. Mortgage Rates: As interest rates ascend, securing construction loans becomes pricier, adding to your project’s total expenditure.
  5. Inflation: Beyond the bricks and mortar, the ripple effect of inflation impacts associated costs, from energy consumption to equipment rentals vital for home building.
  6. Location: Just as in real estate sales, “location, location, location” holds true for building costs. The region, proximity to amenities, and the nature of the property can greatly influence the cost.
  7. Customization: Personal touches, unique designs, and specific finishes might add to the expense, but they also craft a home uniquely yours, differentiating it from standard spec homes.
  8. Your Tool for Clarity: To alleviate the complexity of estimating, consider using our construction cost calculator. Feed in your preferences, from home style and location to size and material choices, and receive a tailored estimate for your envisioned project.

While the current market might seem daunting, remember that homes are lifelong investments. Prioritizing quality construction and finishes ensures that your home remains a testament to value well into the future.

Should You Start Your Custom Home Build in 2023 or Wait for 2024? 

We’ve just looked at how associated cost factors may influence building a home in 2023. Those factors are likely to remain unchanged in 2024, so now let’s break down the considerations for your options:

Building in 2023: Key Considerations 

  1. Kick-start the Process: Dive into design discussions, secure the perfect plot, and get a head start on permits.
  2. Lock-in Pricing: With costs of materials and labor potentially spiraling further, initiating now can freeze current rates.
  3. Builder Availability: The construction industry’s calendar is bustling. By starting now, you ensure you’re on their schedule.

Eyeing 2024: Possible Shifts

  1. Recession Ramifications: Economic downtrends can soften demand, making builders more receptive to negotiating costs.
  2. Interest Rate Rollercoaster: Federal decisions could be a game-changer for mortgage rates, either in your favor or against it.
  3. Supply Chain Surprises: The wait for appliances and finishes might either stretch longer or shorten based on global market dynamics.

Before making your final call, liaise with building professionals to glean up-to-the-minute market insights. Their expert outlook will arm you with the clarity to plot your next steps with confidence.


Making The Right Decision For You  

Deciding to build your dream home is a major decision, and the question of “when” is equally important. While broader market dynamics offer a backdrop, your personal and financial circumstances are the leading actors in this play.

Self-Reflect with These Crucial Queries: 

  1. Immediate Needs: Is your current residence becoming a constraint, urging you to make a swift move?
  2. Budget Flexibility: Are you prepared for potential near-term cost variations, or do you need a more predictable price point?
  3. Longevity of Stay: If this house is going to be a decades-long abode, then immediate market fluctuations might hold less weight.
  4. Current Real Estate Pulse: Does the scarcity of available homes in your area make a compelling case for new builds?

By juxtaposing market trends with your core needs, you’ll navigate toward the right decision timeline. Remember, the market will ebb and flow, but your needs will likely remain constant.

Embark on a Building Adventure with Eagle Creek Homes 

Whenever you feel the pull to begin your custom home journey — whether it’s 2023, 2024, or beyond — Eagle Creek Homes is poised to accompany you. We’re more than builders, we’re your partners in crafting the perfect spaces for making lifelong memories.


Our expertise spans every facet of homebuilding, from pinpointing the ideal lot and drafting the perfect design to finessing those final touches. And for those eager to start their new chapter sooner than later, our move-in-ready homes await.


Whether you’re feeling the allure of laying the foundation today or leaning toward a 2024 timeline, we’re here, ready to bring your architectural dreams to reality. The story of your perfect home is waiting to be told — let’s write it together.

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