Custom Home Builders – What Sets Us Apart?

2019 November 8

Today I am sitting in my office wondering what to write about, when I looked up and it hit me.   What are the differences from one custom home builder to the next? If I was in the position of building a new home, what would I want or choose in a builder?  I asked myself these questions as I thought about how I would make this decision. 


  • Does this custom home builder come recommended?
  • Does this builder fit my style of home?
  • Does this builder build where I want to build?
  • Does this builder fit in my budget?
  • Does this builder have the right team in place to be able to build my home?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the builder and his team?
  • How do I interact with this builder, is it a good relationship with them?
  • How is communication with this builder?


So why this topic hit me was our team was in the process of doing what we call a Pre-Construction meeting.  This meeting is crucial to our building of your home. We bring in our Construction Manager, Project Manager, Sales Associate, Designer, and our Hub (person who handles all information in and out of our company).  We bring these people in to meet the homeowner and to review the entire job. We want the homeowner to be in this meeting as we all review what is to be in their new home.  

We review what the Sales Associate sold them, to what the Designers helped them pick out and design in their new home.  We also review all the notes and changes that have happened to the plan. We dive into everything that is going to happen during the build in detail.  We talk through placement of the home on the site, to the color of shingles, to the location of the electric panel in the home. The difference is in the details.  Why do we do this meeting? We do this to make sure the homeowner has total confidence in the construction of their new home. We also do this to avoid any misunderstandings that can occur during the planning of the new home.   We want the homeowner to have the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have prior to us building their home. Lastly, we do this so the homeowner can meet the entire team, and hopefully have a sense of comfort entrusting us with possibly the largest investment of their life.  

Does your builder take the time to hear you and give you a platform to voice concerns?  Does your builder review the entire job with you prior to construction? Do you know where your electric panel will be located?  This sounds funny, but it is your home, shouldn’t you be in charge of the details?  

If you answered no to these questions, maybe it is time to call Eagle Creek Homes!


Written by: Eric DeVries

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